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MABLETON–We are very happy to publish some photos below of recent weddings here at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church. You can read about each of the couples on a new section of the website for publishing the Banns of Marriage

RECENTLY ADDED: On November 21, 2020, Adam Markich married Sydney Rose:

ortiz koschler

On August 22, 2020, Luis Ortiz married Emily Koschler:

ortiz koschler

On Sept. 12, 2020, Séan Drop married Alexandra Russell:

drop russell

On Sept. 19, 2020, Patrick O'Reilly married Montana Haygood:

oreilly haygood

May God bless these couples and help them to grow together in sanctity as they seek him above all things. 

MABLETON–Juventutem Atlanta, the parish’s young adult group, visited beautiful Amicalola Falls today for a hike and a picnic. The group gathered at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in the morning for Mass, then carpooled to the state park. After hiking to the top of the falls on the well-maintained trail, they enjoyed a picnic lunch. 

Juventutem Atlanta is part of an international organization of young adults who attend the Traditional Latin Mass. All young people ages 18 to 35–regardless of which parish they attend or even which religion they have–are welcome to attend the groups monthly activities. For more information about their activities, visit their website at http://www.juventutematlanta.com


2020 amicalola1


2020 amicalola2

MABLETON–The Catholic education program (CCD) at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church will resume Sunday, Oct. 18, with classes starting at 9:15 am. Over the next two weeks, the annual meetings of catechists and parents will be held to prepare for the 2020-2021 program.

Parents planning to enroll their children in the no-cost program must register them in advance by filling out forms, which are available here.

Some of the forms can be completed electronically through the website, but some require a physical signature and must be downloaded and submitted on paper to the parish office. These forms will also be available at the church.

The adjustment to the Sunday Mass times allows this year’s classes to operate for a full hour between the 8 am Mass and the high Mass, which will now be at 10:30 am. The classes will be from 9:15 to 10:15 am, allowing those who attend the 8 am Mass to go to CCD afterwards, or those who go to the high Mass to go to CCD before Mass.

F0r any questions, please contact Mr. Randal Mandock, the parish’s director of religious education, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

MABLETON–With the return of our Catholic education program (CCD) just around the corner, and the need for more time between Sunday Masses for confessions, Fr. Robert Dow, FSSP, has announced an adjustment to the Sunday Mass schedule.

Starting Sunday, Oct. 18, the schedule will be as follows:

  • 8 am Low Mass
  • 9:15 to 10:15 am CCD
  • 10:30 am High Mass
  • 1 pm Low Mass

This slight adjustment to the schedule shifts the high Mass 30 minutes later, which helps the priests to hear more confessions between Masses, and enables the CCD program to have a full hour between the 8 am and 10:30 am Masses.

The CCD program provides a much-needed remedy to the lack of good Catholic education for children in our society today. More information about the program is available here on the parish website, and registration forms for the new academic year will be available beginning Saturday, September 26.

The website also provides an electronic calendar of the parish Mass times, allowing users with smart phones, tablets, and computers to see not only the Sunday and daily Mass times in the calendar on their own devices, but it also provides the names of the feasts for each day, helping parishioners to better pray with the mind of the Church. To subscribe to this service, visit this page, and select "subscribe" at the top of the page for either the Mass Schedule or Bulletin Events.


MABLETON–Thanks to the financial donations and hard work of many parishioners, air conditioning is now operating in the parish gymnasium, which is where the parish has been having its Sunday Masses since the public were again allowed in May to attend.

The gymnasium has proved to be a gift from almighty God for the parish since it is much larger than the church and allows the faithful to assist at Holy Mass while maintaining social distancing. The main obstacle for many people for assisting at Mass during this time has been the high heat and humidity of the Georgia summer.

With air conditioning now providing a very comfortable atmosphere in the gym, we hope that all parishioners will be able to return to Mass, noting that those who are sick should stay home. Further, the archbishop of Atlanta has dispensed the Sunday obligation to assist at Mass through Sunday, Aug. 30. The archdiocese statement on Sunday Mass attendance includes: "Those who are healthy, willing and able to comply with safety protocols and who wish to attend Mass are encouraged to do so. Those who are at high-risk of complications from COVID-19 or who are caretakers for the vulnerable are encouraged to participate in an online or televised liturgy."