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MABLETON—By the grace of God, St. Francis de Sales welcomed three more adults fully into its ranks last week when they were baptized. This brings to 12 the number of adults from our weekly Inquiry Class (which meets most Tuesdays at 6 pm) who were either baptized or received into full communion with the Catholic Church this year. 

A photo gallery of the beautiful ceremonies of Baptism and the actual Baptism and Confirmation as done at the Easter Vigil can be seen here.

Those baptized last week:

  • Zhang, Paul Maximillian Ronald
  • Marra, Catherine Thérèse Jennifer
  • Singman, Dymphna Miriam Brenna

Those baptized or received on the Vigil of Pentecost and Confirmed by Bishop Ned Shlesinger, auxiliary bishop of Atlanta:

  • Najera, Jose Joseph Adrian Robert
  • Prewett, Matthew John Henry Rader
  • Hoffman, Gabriel Louis Keyton
  • Walker, Nicole Elizabeth Ann Kelsey

Those baptized or received on the Vigil of Easter:

  • Gattis, Ignatius Joseph Cutter Mitchell
  • Nelson, Zachary Lawrence Edward
  • Gilreath, Joseph Augustine Nicklaus Walker
  • Poston, Job John Amon Gabriel Otis
  • Webber, George Pius Andrew Patrick