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MABLETON–Thanks to the financial donations and hard work of many parishioners, air conditioning is now operating in the parish gymnasium, which is where the parish has been having its Sunday Masses since the public were again allowed in May to attend.

The gymnasium has proved to be a gift from almighty God for the parish since it is much larger than the church and allows the faithful to assist at Holy Mass while maintaining social distancing. The main obstacle for many people for assisting at Mass during this time has been the high heat and humidity of the Georgia summer.

With air conditioning now providing a very comfortable atmosphere in the gym, we hope that all parishioners will be able to return to Mass, noting that those who are sick should stay home. Further, the archbishop of Atlanta has dispensed the Sunday obligation to assist at Mass through Sunday, Aug. 30. The archdiocese statement on Sunday Mass attendance includes: "Those who are healthy, willing and able to comply with safety protocols and who wish to attend Mass are encouraged to do so. Those who are at high-risk of complications from COVID-19 or who are caretakers for the vulnerable are encouraged to participate in an online or televised liturgy."